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I'm a graphic artist/designer & illustrator from Long Island, NY. I am the owner of South Shore Signs & Graphics Inc, a full-service Design Firm & Graphic Shop where we specialize in; Logo design & small business branding, vehicle graphics & signage, graphic t-shirt illustration, and a lot more. I operate two ways. One, through the business of South Shore, the other through my personal brand. At South Shore not only do we handle our client's design needs, but we marry that with our print and fabrication service to give our customers the best possible product. I love helping fellow business owners with the identity of their business or brand, and It's why I truly love operating the South Shore business. Not only to give customers quality design but to also match print output and installation with that same quality.

Custom Logo design is one of my favorite aspects of design, for it is the start of a new business owners journey to create their brand and story. Millions of case studies show how important a properly and well-designed logo is, and more importantly the entire brand image to go along with the logo. Each logo design project is unique and different. The way I work, as well as how we work at South Shore is based upon design for function. Doing both Design & Print in an equal manner allows us to create a brand that which will function in the real world through physical products.

How will the logo look on a billboard or sign? Will, it read well and have proper color contrast from a distance? My approach to design is anchored and influenced by the sign industry. The great work of today and, and the amazing works of sign writers of the past. My approach is unconventional yet always based on deep principles. Large corporate identities are fun to work on, but we take a totally different approach for the small business owner. South Shore is one of New York's & Long Island's top trusted shops, with international recognition. I take great pride in that. Every customer we've had since the start has stayed with us. I love to make my customers happy.


I also work through my personal brand- where I release a group of limited edition Apparel, Art Prints, other physical products, and digital media tools like brush sets for art software. I've been extremely lucky to get to connect with so many fellow creatives who have supported me for over a decade now. Through my personal brand, I also release content for the creative community both on Instagram & through my channel on Youtube. I've been covering the tools of the trade for the creative community for over 10 years. I've been a part of the Youtube community since it's inception and was an early adopter of the platform. I decided to move my written content to full video form in 2016. The channel consists of Hardware Reviews, Graphic Art, Print & Business lessons & more. Multiple reviews & videos rank at the top of the entire platform today.

I  am also a musician of 20 years, and I fell in love with both music & the graphic arts at a very young age. I started in both at the age of 14 and have been doing both ever since. In music, I am a Bassist/Solo bassist & Multi-Instrumentalist. From 1999-2006 I was a performing artist. Playing all over the 5 Burroughs of NY & Long Island. In 2003 the band I played in which consisted of close friends from high school got signed. We played on the Vans Warped Tour in 2004 on Randalls Island NY, and the following year we did the Southern Ledge of the country on the tour. I got to meet and play with many of the people I looked up. I was also the first Bass Player to post a home-recorded solo on Youtube. 

To me, music & art have always gone hand in hand. I come from a family of musicians & creators. It was Ren & Stimpy, The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, & Spider-Man that made me obsessed with drawing and illustration at a young age. Little did I know later in life I would work on the very films containing those characters decades later that directly influenced me as a kid. A cousin of mine who had access to computers through his job gave me my first laptop in the 90's. During the birth of the internet. It was one of the original IBM Thinkpad's running Windows 95. Through this, I discovered the Computer Arts. When I saw Photoshop & 3D software like Byrce & Poser for the first time- I became instantly obsessed. My early days of design and graphics consisted of mixing 3D & 2D works. A couple years later when the band formed I took what had been learning and moved into the branding of the band. Creating all of our designs for merch, and albums. I truly love these things. These things are my obsession, my passion. I've been doing them the majority of my life. Being self-taught and self-educated took decades of dedication. Looking back the dots really do connect.

I've had the pleasure to work on some incredible projects. 

Some of my clients include:

Columbia Pictures 
Martin Scorsese
Imagine Publishing
Warner Brothers
& more

My team and I have created &
produced prop and set graphics for many
major box office films and award-winning TV shows.
We've had the great pleasure
to work on films such as: 

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 
The Dark Knight Rises
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2
The Wolf Of Wall Street
Man On A Ledge 
Something Borrowed 
The Affair (Showtime, Golden Globe Winner) 
& more

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