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The Real Ink Index Brush Set for Paintstorm Studio is finally here! A set of 50 + Brushes/ Digital Ink Tools for Paintstorm + my user interface workspace designs. The Real Ink Index has a verity of one of a kind features built within it. It is designed to capture both the analog look & feel. 


I've spent the past year and a half designing this brush set. Ever since discovering Paintstorm Studio, I've been blown away by its incredible true analog mimic brush engine, it's innovative tools and features, and it's revolutionary dynamic and responsive user interface. I've built a close relationship with my friends who make the software, and we've worked closely together on a verity of things for it. I felt that the software was missing one thing. A great set of ink tools out of the box. Once I realized what I could pull off with Paintstorm, I decided to take the time and dedicate it to making this set. 


The Ink Index is really the first set of Digital Inking tools that are dynamic and responsive. What does that mean? The Ink Index was designed and built upon various layers of dynamics. These layers of dynamics allow the set to respond to the artist's hand and technique. This makes for an extremely natural and responsive experience when working with them. Many of the features found within this brush set are unique to it.  


The Ink Index is also the only brush set on the market specifically designed for both Apple Pencil, and Wacom Technology. The set is designed with each pens input and natural pressure curve in mind. Doing so allowed me to deliver you a much better product. A product that works the way it was intended to work. 



When I went into making this brush set I said to myself, I only want to put the time and effort into doing an official set/release if I could pull off something new and different. The depth of Paintstorm Studio allowed me to pull off some of the things I've wanted to recreate in the digital space my entire graphic art career. If you are a Paintstorm Studio user who both paints and works with line & Ink, I think you are going to have a blast with this brush set.


This is a brush set that will work fantastic for the Comic Artist, The Cartoonist, The Fine Artist, The Graphic/Commercial Artist, Graphic T-Shirt illustrators and designers, Hand Lettering Artists, and more. I think this brush set has the potential to greatly enhance your working experience for ink in Paintstorm Studio.


Over the years many of you have asked for an official set- and only now do I feel I've made a set worthwhile. I didn't want to sell you a product that was anything short of my best effort. 


So, that's that. The Real Ink Index is here! I hope you enjoy, and most of all I hope you have fun with it. I can't wait to see what you create. Make sure you tag me on Instagram and Twitter to show me what you are making with the brushes! I'd love to see. Be sure to check out the iPad install video, and tips video on the channel to get the best out of the set. 


Stay well!


- Cladio

The Real Ink Index Brush Set For Paintstorm Studio

  • The Real Ink Index is protected by Copyright. By purchasing this product you agree you shall not redistribute the digital contents. Failure to comply will result in legal action.

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