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The Juliano Brush Index for Artstudio Pro is here! I'm really excited to get this set out to you guys for Artstudio Pro. The brush indexes are a result of two years of work and design. The latest and greatest version takes everything from the first and makes it far better, and I don't think you'll be disappointed with what you find inside! The Juliano Brush Index consists of 3 brush set packages.


1) The Real Paint Index. The Real Paint Index for Artstudio Pro is a huge brush set consisting of 60+ unique paint brushes. Many of the brushes in this paint set achieve brand new first of a kind blend abilities that allow one to achieve renders in seconds. They are deeply designed, built for speed, and are extremely fluid. No matter what style of painting you do, you will find many brushes in the paint index that will work for you. I truly believe the Paint Index will be a game changer for you.



2) The Real Ink Index which is my new version of my popular Ink Set for Artstudio Pro. You will find a verity of realistic inking tools within. From my signature inkers, to sable brushes, to daubs. Each brush is deeply designed for natural and realistic pressure dispersion, and each brush will give you a different result. It is the closest I've come to mimicking the analog for ink. The Real Ink Index for ASP is perfect for Comic Artists, Cartoonists, Fine Art Inkers, Graphic Artists, and more. 


3) The Real Pencil Index. The Real Pencil Index is a group of realistic natural media style pencils. They allow you to render full from ultra fast. You'll get pencil results that mimic the analog with dynamics that respond to your hand. From tilt, to rotation, to classic digital pencils and more. You'll love sketching and full rendering with The Real Pencil Index for Artstudio Pro.  


All 3 sets should greatly enhance the software for you. These sets work in combination with Artstudio Pro's breakthrough brush engine. I think these brushes will help unlock the full potential of the softwares engine for you.


I'd love to see what you guys make with them! So don't forget to tag & mention for a few of your works! 



The Juliano Brush Index for Artstudio Pro (3 set package)

  • You can unzip your files right from IOS! Save the Zip file to your files app, click on the Zip file, Click preview contents. With the share tab hit share- save to files again to save each raw file/brush set. 

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